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I finally went to The Right.

Posted by Brendan Foster on

Man, I was not expecting to go this day. So let's do a little rewind...

Years in the making.

For a long time I have been wanting to go down to a specific wave in the South West of Australia more commonly known as 'The Right'. For about 3 years this has been a goal of mine but due to some injuries and the sale of my drone I wasn't able to do this. Well it finally happened.

This morning I got up planning a normal day down the coast, the swell was forecast to be 3meters with straight easterly winds. I woke up early and checked the coast but...'insert facepalm', the wind was a bit funny and the swell had just come in too fast so the surf had what we call 'morning sickness'. I headed home and sat at my computer ready to start work for the morning.

I got the call.

I was working on a mate Andrew Semark's website at the time (I'm actually a web developer by trade) so I texted him to see if he wanted to sort a few things out on his website. He replied with...i'm on my way to The Right sorry bud. I instantly thought about just getting in my car and going, now from where i live this is a 6 - 7 hour round trip. I sent him a text back to see if it would be ok and he was cool with it. 4 minutes later I was out the door.

This place is epic.

When I arrived it was on. I could see the boys towing out there and headed down to my spot on the coast. I was itching to fly straight away but the afternoon light was going to get better and I didn't want to run out of batteries before then so I sat and waited. Probably the wrong decision because during this time Andrew Semark, who is usually the photographer caught a bomb himself and Jake Osman rolled a ski. There was a-lot of action I missed just sitting and waiting. When I finally got the bird into the sky the boys packed up and left. I stayed and shot empties at The Right and also another bombie while I was there. 

When the sun finally started setting and I was all done with my batteries I packed up and started the long drive home. It was a super last minute trip and so unexpected but sometimes they are the best and you just have to be prepared to go make the most of an opportunity. 

I took mostly video footage of The Right, so if you want to see that head over to my instagram to check it out. But if you want to see some pics of another crazy bombie, check them out bellow.

 Azure Co Photography - The Left Bombie

Azure Co Photography - The Left Bombie

Azure Co Photography - The Left Bombie