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Online Sales Launching

Posted by Brendan Foster on

It's been almost two years in the making but we finally made it happen. The new online store is live. Azure Co originally had a web presence back in 2017 but at the time I was juggling two other business's and broke my back surfing which meant photography fell to the way side. I needed to focus on my recovery and honestly financial survival, so after some tough decisions making I decided to close down the website until i could give Azure Co the attention it deserves. 

Utilising my web development skills I worked away at the new Azure Co website through-ought 2018. The original idea was to have the site ready and launched at the end of year later. Here we are.



Selling a business and going all in.

In July of 2019 i sold my 50% share of a local coffee shop that i owned to focus on the things that bring me happiness and photography was high on that list. Since having left that business and committing to pursuing my dreams and utilising my talents i can confidently say l made the right choice.

Azure Co is still in it's very early stages as a business and brand. My vision for the photography i showcase and the business goes far beyond what you see here. The goal for this website is and will always be to share the same happiness and peace that i get when taking these photographs. Being able to share with others the beauty of this world we live in is a privilege that i do not take for granted.


Thanks for the support.

I want to say a massive thank-you to everyone that supports me buy purchasing a print or simply gets joy from viewing my images. Azure Co was radio silent for over a year and i'm so grateful to everyone that stuck around and waited. I promise you I will try my absolute best to present an inspiring view of the planet long into the future.


Azure Co Owner and Photographer Brendan Foster