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The Left & Right

Posted by Brendan Foster on

The charts were looking good for a couple big wave breaks to work with the potential for extremely low winds. This place is pretty bad for strong winds, plenty of times before i've been getting food from the local bakery in town with not a breathe of wind and headed to the coast 15 minutes down the road to be met with 30kn+ winds. 

First time.

We got lucky, so lucky. I travelled down with a mate Joel Nankivell from @southwestsaltwater who had never been before. Usually it takes multiple trips over months of time to get conditions like this and he managed to score it on his first time....epic. We arrived the afternoon before to relatively low winds but it was a little messy. We got in an afternoon of shooting some big empty waves with a couple of guys also surfing another big wave near by. Really what we were here for was the morning light on a certain wave appropriately called 'The Left'.


Man, camping is the best. We didn't have a place booked to stay yet, we had our swags and were happy to take whatever we could. Soon we realised that a powered site was pretty important as our combined ten plus drone batteries were flat. If you know anything about drones, these batteries take a long time to charge. 

Luckily a couple of our mates were also down for the same swell. We met up with Andrew Semark (Anj), Ben Jasinski (Humma) and Scott Rigby (Riggers). Anj had already booked a powered campsite near where they launched the ski and was kind enough to let us join in. We set up our swags for one hell of a cold clear sky night and plugged all our batteries in ready for the morning.

No wind.

We woke up from a freezing cold night. Not complaining tho, sleeping in that pristine fresh air with not a cloud in the sky is pretty amazing down at this place. I stepped out of my tent to see Anj standing in the dark freezing his 'tits' off. haha. The worst part is all those boys had to put on wet wetsuits to make the jetski ride out to the wave. Except Anj, he comes prepared and had a spare dry wetsuit.

Joel and I made our way to the wave. We arrived to dead calm winds and clear skies, I knew we were in for one hell of a day. Once we got started the challenge was keeping our batteries charged so we could keep on shooting all day. What transpired was one of the best days i've ever seen down at this place. 

I can't wait for many more of these days.