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The Right and Sharks.

Posted by Brendan Foster on

I got the text from Andrew Semark again that he was planning on heading to The Right for a possible random summer swell.

Camping trip.

I had already been talking to my mate Dane about getting away for new years down the coast. Just go for a little camping trip and hope we get some waves then the day before we were thinking about going Anj texted me about a possible swell hitting the coast down there. I hit up Dane and he was keen to go so we packed up that morning and headed down the coast.

Summer storm.

When we first arrived at the location the storm and swell had well and truly set in and it was some of the strongest wind i'de ever been in.....not ideal for flying a drone. We decided to go and look for a place to camp for the night. Being the christmas period all of the camp sites were booked out but we managed to get a room above the pub in a local nearby town.

Strong light winds.

The next morning we woke up to absolutely no wind, i was thinking it was going to be on big time and we were behind the curveball on getting there. We arrived to no wind in the carpark and as soon as we got to the ocean side the wind was far too strong for a drone and to add to that it was raining....only where the wave is. I had to sit and watch as the guys were getting some big ones on the ski. We waited it out a bit then decided to bite the bullet go look elsewhere and get some food.

Four wheel driving.

After getting bogged four wheel driving and having to hand dig ourselves out Dane and I decided to go get some food from the best bakery known to man. After that I noticed the sun was showing itself more and i felt like the wind had died a little even tho the live read-out said otherwise. We decided to go have one more look. 

Time to fly.

The wind was still really strong but i've flown in worse so I launched the drone to see what it was like. It seemed to be handling it fine so i made the long flight out to the break. The boys started getting some good ones and we set up to film for a while. 

Sharks are real.

I had been filming for about an hour when i decided to change angles and try and do a follow camera style. To do this I have to fly out the back to where the surfer waiting to get towed in (Jake Osman) was bobbing in the water. Keep in mind this is roughly 2km's out to sea. As I was watching them and waiting I noticed the ski spin around really fast and pick Jake up out of the water. I said to Dane it was super weird and I feel like they saw something so I upped my exposure. What this does is help me see through the water a bit better to try and spot anything that could be a big problem.  

Session over.

After about a minute of searching Jake jumped back in the water and straight onto a wave. This was the last wave they caught, the conditions were not ideal and the possibility of a big great white meant it would be a good idea to go in. I stuck around and filmed for another 15 minutes getting two huge waves on camera then packed up to go look elsewhere.

Time to relax.

Dane and I stayed down and continued our camping trip, scoring some perfect fun glassy 3 foot beachies with no one out and some good times. It was definitely one hell of a way to finish 2019. You can watch all the raw footage from the session at The Right bellow.